Imagine just when your business advertisement is starting to attract a lot of views and traffic, as well as creating a lot of attention, and suddenly, Youtube or some copyright entities block your video due to copyright issue. This is actually a common problem. Your video could have used a copyrighted sountrack. Of course, there are lots of ways that we can resolve this scenario, such as buying copyrighted material or choosing a different soundtrack. However these processes can be time consuming, and will affect your marketing campaign negatively, as well as will be more expensive than having your own trademark soundtrack.

Pinky Lamb Mediaprovides copyright composed sountrack for different business/personal uses, with diverse style and completely issue-free within Vietnam and even around the world. Our artist team has a lot of experience and will be able to create unique, catchy and moving sountracks that fit different brands/personal images.

Our music services include:

  • Composing copyright soundtrack for advertising videos
  • Composing trademark copyright music for business
  • Mixing services

A great example of a viral video using our complete copyright sountrack composition package can be found here

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