“We won’t waste your time by providing lengthy research article. Most media-marketing professionals would have known these definitions and functions of different advertising forms. This article will only give a brief overview and pro-con analysis for different choices of advertisements, uses, budget and timing. At Pinky Lamb Media, we make sure to meet all of our clients’ needs. This will ensure efficiency and balance in our movie production process.”


What is TVC?

TVC is the abbreviation for “Television Commercials,” a form of advertisement using imagery to introduce commercial products or events, broadcasted on a television system. TVCs are usually introduced before, in between or after the main content of a television program. A typical TVC product lasts 30 seconds, 20 or 10 seconds, depends on the script and the messages that the company wants to convey to their audience. However, there are also a lot of TVC that last 60 seconds. The essential steps to produce an advertising video are not much different from the development stages of a movie, such as pre-production, production, post-production and distribution. However, the team involved and time required to create an advertisement is a lot smaller compared to making a movie. Of course, depending on the scale of the marketing campaign and budget provided for the product, the cost to make a TVC can reach a few billion VND. This can be very similar to a regular theater movie that we usually see at the cinema.

So, what is viral video and how is it different from TVC?

It is a form of content using video format (could be created by videography or animation) with a limited and planned duration. This content also uses internet as its main marketing channel.

A video is considered viral when it is spread organically or amplified through the Internet (social media, email, blog posts, forums, video channels such as Youtube, Vimeo, etc.). These videos tend to have millions or more views.

In short, videos with content spread by internet and considered as viral by general social media public is viral video. Currently, the type of viral videos that has the most impact online is entertainment videos, then followed by fashion, sport and drinks videos. These all require very professional and significant financial and labor investment

  • Differences in advertising channel

This is a major difference that is recognizable when we compare viral videos to TVCs. Viral videos tend to be posted on the internet, so viewers can interact with them. For example, if you come across a video that you enjoy, you may share it to your friends on the internet, or “like”, comment and react right under the video.With TVC, you may only watch it on TV. It usually appears between TV programs. It may easily deliver its messages but you may not react to its producer or send it to your friends.

  • Virality

Due to 2-way interaction, viral videos have a greater ability to reach people compared to TVC. With more than 50 millions internet users in Vietnam, it is easy to assume that almost everyone has a device that got connected to the Internet (mobile phone, laptop, tablet,etc.). This has made the act of sharing video become very easy and rapid. TVC, even though might have no age restriction, still has specific broadcasted time frame, so TVC cannot be as viral as viral videos.

  • Production process

TVC production processes are not any different from a viral video. The only difference lies in duration of the end product. TVC duration is usually very short (around 15 seconds) due to high cost and its impacts on other TV Programs. Meanwhile, viral videos do not have a duration limit (a viral video can last for a few minutes). Due to such a difference in terms of duration, it leads to a difference in terms of how content is expressed between viral video and TVC. Viral video tends to have a storyline, while TVC mostly focuses on product placement and services. Moreover, viral video demands more complex videography techniques. It also has indepth script with a combination of media marketing and product provided values. A viral video demands professional production procedures and detailed planning. A viral video production process will have to mend well with its script and require more team alignment (such as the involvement of a group consisting of directing specialist, props designer, editor, etc.) to ensure the final product being unique, and appeal effectively to viewers. That is why, in some occasions, the cost to create a viral video surpasses TVC’s.

The budget problem and targeted marketing goal

Depends on the forms of product, service, targeted audience and longterm marketing plans, a business may choose to make a TVC or a viral video. Budget is also a very essential element that needs to be considered. In terms of viral video, it is easier to reduce cost by balancing and minimizing some production process and, by the end, still produces a relatively high-quality video because there is no TV advertising cost involved. A selection of good, appropriate and creative script with good appeal can do a lot of positive impacts. A simple script, but deems fit to the targeted product, may speak louder than an elaborate script. This is why selecting a good agency will generate great script and will make the best use of your budget.

The selection of freelance packages, which may seem cost-efficient at first, can easily backfire later. Business may have to take greater risk and will, very likely, end up with less-thansatisfactory products. And as a result, these incomplete videos may never be “viral.”

Advertising video production process at Pinky Lamb Media

  • Upon receiving a client request, we will create a complete script from client’s proposal or we will initiate our script consultation process
  • Completed script will be used to generate storyboard (imagery script) so clients may be able to visualize the story and videography more easily.
  • Further discussion with clients regarding KOL/talent involved in the film making process
  • Pre-production, production and postproduction will follow
  • Selection of colors/Music composition (if applicable)/sound effect, etc
  • Final product will be delivered on time according to signed contract.
  • Throughout the entire production process, we will provide support, gifts, promotions for our clients.

By choosing to work with Pinky Lamb, you have chosen to be efficient in both time and budget for your media campaign, as well as to have an easy, enjoyable and stress-free partnership.

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