Every corporate and business needs a profile overview that introduces the business’s scale, type, strength for book keeping and proving its credibility to partners and clients.

In this digital era, a “profile video” that lasts for 3-5 minutes will be more handy than a profile booklet or a lengthy PDF. A lively movie with good visual, motions, sound and creative effects will be more attractive and will be able to materialize all corporate aspects more quickly. Partners and clients will be able to get useful information in a shorter amount of time just by looking at a video instead of a booklet. Furthermore, corporates and businesses have to update their information very often and the price to make a profile video is much more affordable than printing booklets or generating PDFs (and even cheaper than TVC or viral videos).

In short, there are tremendous benefits brought by corporate videos, such as:

  • Brand exposure and expression of business scalability
  • Diversifying advertising channels, bringing more financial benefits
  • Quicker approach and trust building process with clients, partners, creating good impression with targeted stakeholders by providing an interesting movie experience
  • Saving marketing cost.



Similarly, PROJECT INTRODUCTION VIDEOS will provide your potential customers with a story, from an overview to the highlights of your project, in a more appealing and convincing way, compared to participating in a conference with several “bland” presentations without any visual information.

Of course, we do not encourage you to completely replace traditional marketing with a project introduction video. In a launching campaign, “the startup” is a very important step, which decides whether or not a potential customer would be interested enough to stay and get to know your product. In a great introduction video, good visuals will greatly increase your new product launching campaign effectiveness. A Project Introduction Video would be particularly beneficial for real estate, resort, and hospitality companies, thanks to the appeal of panorama shots, expertly incorporated with detailed shots reflecting the beauty and attractiveness of the “products” in such industries.

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